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minds.com Minds.com

  • Daily Pageviews: 321,751
  • Daily Unique Visitors: 6,435
  • Google Backlinks: 904
  • Google Indexed Pages: 15,400
  • Bing Indexed Pages: 71,400
  • Yahoo Indexed Pages: 71,400
  • Alexa Rank: 10,099
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  •      Facebook Shares: 144,741
  •      Facebook Likes: 3
  •   Trackalytics Views: 76
  •   Last Updated: December 15,2018
  •   Date Added: August 9,2018
  •   Time tracked: 131 Days

Title- Minds

Description- An open source and decentralized social network for Internet freedom. Earn crypto for your contributions to the network

Keywords- minds, minds.com, open source, social media, social network, creative commons, blog, video, images, free, groups, decentralized, crypto, blockchain

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